Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome To Salt Spring Island Lovers, Issue #003

Salt Spring Island Lovers brings you the latest additions to this writer's experiences of the "best of all things Salt Spring."

In this issue...

1) In a few short months, Salt Spring Island Radio will be on the air and I'll be launching my one hour Sunday afternoon show with special guests like "Saltwater Cowboy" himself, Alan Moberg.

A big shout out goes to Richard Moses and all the volunteers for helping to make our own radio station a reality! (:-))

The program will be a variety show in every sense of the word with in studio and on location, live and recorded, call-in and discussion about everything Salt Spring called "Sounds Like Salt Spring"...

It will be quite an eclectic mixture. We'll be showcasing the best, brightest and most unusual that Salt Spring Island has to offer in music, art, interviews, discussion, information, news...

Every week I'll draw from Salt Spring's diversity to present an entertaining and informative show that we can all be proud of.

Stay tuned and be sure to submit your content ideas to me at:

2) Held Over Until January 5, 2009: The "Buy-1 Get-1 Free" Special Is A Go! Put A Business In Someone's Stocking This Year...

Last Christmas, I took advantage of this 2 for 1 offer and launched as a result. (I sold the free one to a friend and got my money back.)

Today's economy is enough to turn the most optimistic of us into grinches this year. But at SiteSell, they're sending some real Holiday Cheer your way with the "Buy-1 Get-1 Free" Holiday Special!

So many generous gift-giving situations...

Parents give free sites to their children. And vice-versa.

Wives to husbands. And vice-versa.

Friends to friends. And vice-versa. ( :-))

SBI! is MUCH more than just a gift. It's a chance to acquire an important new LIFE SKILL. And a chance for you to put a real business in someone's stocking this year!

That's 2 SBI! sites for the price of just one. Yes, the second site is TOTALLY free!

Take care and remember to stay in touch. After all, belongs to everybody.

All The Best From Beautiful Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

Bill Nash

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