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A Week In The Woods

by John Cairns
(Belfast, Northern Ireland.)

Dogs were barking long into the night,
Wild calls of some import,
I lay awake and listened with wide open eyes,
Then joined in their midnight report.

The wee hours brought a silence that can't be broke,
By mere hammers and hacksaws,
I lay awake and listened until the owls awoke,
And laid down their lullabic laws.

The woods above Ganges are full of fine folk,
Be it gently glinting or tipping down,
I stayed up for there was a fire to stoke,
And a bottle of whiskey going round.

Chicken scent was strong upon the air,
Turning the weak of stomach,
I lapped it up and started to repair,
To the old farm where I used to Love it.

And the sea is never far from your nose,
That right pleasant old salt,
Strong upon the wind, thar she blows,
Through the markets and lofty church halls.

The boats were lying low in the harbour,
Swaying like the village drunk,
As a whale crept in from starboard,
And the sun had just about sunk.

The streets of Ganges are full of fine folk,
Be it in silence or a force ten gale,
I stayed up for there was a fire to stoke,
And old Harry was spinning a tale.

This is a little song I'm working on about some of the fine things I encountered on Salt Spring.

I'm from Belfast, Northern Ireland and have been touring all over Canada with my guitar, Maggie. I came to the Island to relax and write some songs (which turned out beautifully;) after the madness of this nation's metropolii.

I stayed up at Garden Faire which is a fine campground run by Shirley and Bill - these folks were kind to me and Bill and I had a good jam.

This was all before inflicting the dulcet Irish tones upon your ears during the Saturday Market. Thanks for all the apples and support that your fine clan gave to a minstrel far from home.

Since I left the Island, I have told everyone I meet what a wonderful, inspiring and peaceful place it is so I hope you will have many avid visitors soon.

Anyway, it was great to meet everyone and I hope to be back next year with bells on.



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