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I'm Bill Nash and I love Salt Spring Island. I live and work here on this enchanted isle.

I created and to give everybody who lives here or visits this magical place an opportunity to share their Salt Spring stories with the world.

This Pacific island paradise is a flashback to a simpler time with its friendly small town '60's vibe and the incredible diversity of people and nature that you just don't find anywhere else.

... artists and artisans, photographers, retired CEO's, plumbers, pilots, journalists, actors, directors, ferry workers, bus drivers, musicians,
New Agers, internet entrepreneurs, organic farmers, sheep ranchers,
bed & breakfasters.

It’s been quite a journey to Salt Spring Island.

I was born in Vancouver and raised in Pitt Meadows, BC, back when it was a vastly different place than it is today. Grampa Ben Crow had homesteaded both sides of the South Alouette River back in 1933. And my parents, Tom & Inez Nash, had bought the southernmost acreage from him in 1944.

But the thing I remember most about growing up on that little farm on Neaves Road was that I had the biggest back yard imagineable:
Pitt Polder! Walking the dikes, hiking the mountains, fishing and swimming the rivers, playing hockey on the frozen sloughs and ponds...
What a daily adventure!

There were run-ins with bears, cougars, and other assorted wildlife...
I even got to nurse a raccoon back to health... (I named him Rocky!)

And I hung around a lot with my grampa who lived next door.  It was really cool.

With my younger brother, Jim and our dog Butch on Neaves Bridge.

Our grandfather was a real Pitt Meadows pioneer. Here we are celebrating Christmas, 1974. From the left, Bill, Frank, Ben, Jim, and Tom.

It was wonderful to be raised in the country but lots of other folks had the same idea and Pitt Meadows eventually became a suburb of Vancouver.

I'd been looking around for greener pastures and, several years ago, I was lucky enough to discover Salt Spring Island.

So far in life, I've been an organic farmer and a rock and soul singer (opening for Bryan Adams and Sweeney Todd, Doug & The Slugs, Trooper, Headpins, Loverboy).

(Listen to my rendition of the Beatles classic "Hey Jude" from my upcoming release "Bill Nash Sings The Beatles")

Savvy, 1975

Savvy, 1976

Rory Mac, 1977



Sargeant Rock, 1988

I’ve also been a commercial construction worker building shopping centers and high rises in Metro Vancouver during the building boom after Expo 86.

Then in 1991, I left to complete my General Studies Degree in Social Work, Journalism and Business at The University of Western Ontario in London.

I returned to BC in 1993 and became an online journalist focussing on articles and interviews with innovative software inventors.  

In 1997, I reviewed one of the first books on niche marketing on the Web called “Make Your Site Sell” by Dr Ken Evoy.  MYSS really took off and became known as “the Bible of selling online”.

In 2000, Dr Evoy turned “Make Your Site Sell” into a suite of software tools called SBI! that actually created niche websites that scored well with the search engines.

                                         With Dr Ken Evoy, Hudson, Quebec, 2004

In 2008, I formed helping people create successful work-from-home web site businesses.  2021 is our 13th anniversary!

I‘ve also sung in several Salt Spring Island bands including The Travelling Wheelbarrows, Happy Daze and WannaBeatles!

Astrologically speaking, I was born with The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in the Aquarian 11th House.  Aries/Taurus Rising.

But enough about me.  Check out the rest of the site.  Enjoy!  :-)

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