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Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Rising is an original recording band from the UK and Canada. 

Band members are:

Paul Cargill - Derbyshire, U.K.

Bass, organ, keyboards, drum sequencing, percussion recording and mixing engineer, lyrics,
backing vocals, Producer 

Bill Nash - Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Vocals, harmonica, lyricist, public relations, administration, financing

Dave Townson - Cheshire, U.K.

Guitars, vocals, drum and synthesizer
sequencing, recording engineering, composition, lyrics, arrangements

Special Mention:

Ronnie Henshall - Manchester, U.K.

Saxophone on “Ain’t Nothing Going On”

Dave King - Manchester, U.K

Violin on “Things Are Gonna Change” and “Things Are Gonna Change (Reprise)”

Jon Toop - Derbyshire, U.K.

Drums on “Passing Fad”

Dave Vollrath - Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Bill Nash's vocal and harmonica recording and engineering at Road Case Cafe Studio

Buzz Hawkins - Manchester, U.K.

Mobile recording services for violin tracks on “Things Are Gonna Change” and “Things Are Gonna Change (Reprise)” Hawkins Studio 215

Georgia Nichols - Vancouver, BC, Canada

For her sage astrological advice and friendship