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How And Why I Built 

Welcome, I'm Bill Nash.  I'm a writer and broadcaster.

I write and speak all about my number one passion: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.  
It's where I live and work and it holds a very special place in my heart.

I created and Salt Spring Internet Radio to give everybody who lives here or visits this magical place an opportunity to share their Salt Spring Stories with the world. 

I decided to write this article because, at the time of this writing (June, 2020), life as we know it has changed drastically.    And the world of work may never be the same again.

Lots of folks are going online to start their own businesses to supplement or even replace lost income.  But I know from experience that it really is a jungle out there if you can’t tell the facts from the fakes.

As you know, there are plenty of people who will take your money and not deliver what they promised.  Most of these individuals just give you a website builder and imply that all you have to is build it and the customers will come.  That is patently false.  

Without a complete blueprint and the right tools, it is just not possible.  The Net doesn’t work that way.  Without a road map, you can get lost.

This is my story and I sincerely hope that it helps you to make an informed decision.  With that said, let me tell you about Ken Evoy and Solo Build It!

I've created a thriving business with and I owe much of the credit to this suite of software tools called Solo Build It!

Let’s start at the beginning...

I first discovered Solo Build It! back in 2000 when it was invented by SiteSell founder Dr. Ken Evoy.  Solo Build It! is a suite of software tools (modules) bundled together in such a way as to ensure your success in building a viable online business from scratch.

Solo Build It! evolved from the landmark 1997 ebook published by Ken called "Make Your Site Sell".  It soon became the Bible of selling on the Net.

But a lot of people preferred a simple, hands-on software program that they could follow along at their own pace and slowly but surely build their own web business.

And so, in 2000, Solo Build It! was born.  This video explains how it all works together.

I first got Solo Build It! (then called Site Build It!) in 2002 because they had just launched the E-zine module which was perfect for publishing my  e-commerce newsletter People Products And Programs and it worked like a charm.  

My site was geared to reviewing all manner of ebooks and software products.  I bought them and let people know what I thought and why.  I also interviewed authors and inventors.  It was so much fun!

I had originally ventured online in 1996 where I used to review books for a new online book store.  You ordered your books and they would mail them to you.  That online book store was called

Anyway, flash forward to 2004.

I was so impressed with the results l was getting with the complete Solo Build It! package that I just had to meet this Ken Evoy guy.

So I flew to Montreal to meet Ken in person at the first-ever SiteSell seminar and ended up interviewing him. 

By the time I interviewed Ken again in 2007 SiteSell had become the #1 small business e-commerce company on the Web. And Solo Build It! had become the Web's #1 small business product.

In 2008, I decided to move to Salt Spring Island and created with Solo Build It! 

By this time the software package had grown to over sixty modules including my favourite: the SBI! Forums where successful SBIers help those who are just getting started.  What a radical idea!

So here’s how Solo Build It! works in a nutshell: You use your knowledge and passion of a subject and write about it.  Are you an expert on something?  

A lot of hobbyists turn their hobbies into successful online businesses because they can write with passion and expertise about a subject they know inside and out.

Folks build sites on a wide variety of topics: travel, entertainment, existing offline businesses, cooking, sports...

The possibilities are endless.

With Solo Build It! you can find out how many people are searching for your niche before you build the site.  That's key.

I started off with The Brainstormer to choose the topic of my site and added the relevant phrases people were searching for about my niche: Salt Spring Island. I built my pages using related words with Solo Build It’s easy-to-use page builder.

I used the Analyse It! button in Solo Build It! to make sure my pages rank highly at the search engines which brings in lots of visitors who are interested in what I have to say because they‘ve searched for my particular keywords..

I also use Solo Build It! to make sure I have relevant sites linking back to because that will rank my pages higher.

If you can stack blocks, you can build a Web page with Solo Build It! It makes building your site simple. 

Just  follow the step-by-step instructions (video or text) in the Action Guide and you can't go wrong. Everything you need unfolds for you as you need it.

By using Solo Build It!  to create, I can write in my own voice about the island I love. And Solo Build It! works invisibly in the background.

You can create a Web business on your own regardless of technical knowledge and experience. Really.

Especially now in these troubling times, people are seeking the security of an online business that is under their control.  

More than 230,000 ordinary, everyday people have already followed Solo Build It!'s step-by-step process to build Web businesses on their own.

So what's your passion? Is there something you know and love that you want to make a living writing about? Consider Solo Build It!.

I highly recommend it.  

All the best from beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC

Bill Nash

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