Palu Rainbow Song:
The Interview

Bill Nash: You've been spontaneously writing and performing songs for some time now... What process do you use and why do you do it?

Palu Rainbow Song: Actually... the question is wrongly put... People usually assume people who perform songs of their own have written them. It's logical to think that way. I've simply bypassed "the writing." That's what I try "Not To Do!"

Yes, the songs are mine and I do create them; the challenge is I give my complete faith unto my intuition and creative capabilities to create the song for me so I simply observe the creative process go on while simultaneously playing the music to the lyrics I don't know are going to pass through my lips until the moment they do.

After that, "Voila' ...!" A finished song in the making is done and made already! In other words, it's pure "Freestyle" song creation so I have to completely "move out of the way" and let something that's within us do the creating and have complete faith in "It" (plus the creative process).

It's rather spiritual, really. It's important for me to have a pure heart.

Bill Nash: I read in the Driftwood that you caused quite a stir at You Tube with your videos... What was all the fuss about?

Palu Rainbow Song: Since I started singing songs "Freestyle," one idea after another has come to me as to how I could harness this talent more and more. No hurdle is a challenge and no obstacle is a barricade.

I want to take this capacity of mine to create songs in the moment and elevate it to great heights. Though I suffer a small touch of autism in my make-up, people with autism are often gifted in other fields; 2 of them are often music and dancing. Knowing this, I decided to heighten what I'm naturally gifted with.

Whereas many other people's minds race much faster than mine and mine is slow compared with most, the flip side is that I can now create songs with perfect lyrics in a moment on a subject or a topic whereas most people lack the faith or ability to do so.

Therefore through song, my mind can think quickly more so than it could if I were being "put on the spot, argued with, or interrogated for some reason."

Whereas then I would clam up and could say little or nothing, the "creative talent" of singing opens me right up and my mind can churn out lyrics to match the fastest mind.

Odd, isn't it? So I'm now creating 50 to 100 songs a day and 2 soap operas I like give me plenty to sing about when I focus on what the characters are going through. Somehow I relate it to real life and the songs become healing to listen to for everyone. People can identify with them.

The viewership on You Tube for my songs on these channels has catapaulted me into 1st place in Canada on a weekly basis several times throughout each week and month, without falling very far in rank.

I'm constantly up there in #1, #2, #3, #4 or #5th place and even ranking internationally in the world beyond the shores of Canada on YouTube. Even today I'm back up there at #1 (first place) on YouTube's music channels in all of Canada amongst musicians. The day the article was talking about was the first time I was Number 1 in Canada.

Now it's become a regular thing and every day I'm receiving YouTube Ribbon Awards along with my rankings for the day, the week, the month and internationally in the world. Today for instance, I am #53 internationally world wide on YouTube over the entire globe. I'm also being watched in several other coutnries.

Each day varies of course, but no one seems able to knock me down or throw me off the top. Each new week, I rise again and again and again. And I'm enjoying it. Keeping a regularity helps, so I'm doing my best to create new songs for each new episode. Go to and you can view the latest backwards as if you were watching TV on your computer.

In the search string, type: DaysOfOurLivesSongs or YoungAndRestlesSongs or if you want a Salt Spring channel, type PaluRainbowSong. Mark the settings box so one video repeats after the other and you'll enjoy an endless parade of song videos I've done.

The trouble is this player only holds 500 songs so you'll see the latest 500 I've created. However, I'm now well over a thousand songs on Days alone!

Otherwise go to the actual channel on YouTube and then you'll see them all. You can even subscribe if you want so you'll know when new songs are being born, or become my friend.

Bill Nash: You "invented" this contraption that people claim gives them a kaleidascope sensation... How did you think of it and what have been some comments from people?

Palu Rainbow Song: People love it when I give them kaleidoscopic demonstrations of my Solar Meditation Bow. It was invented on Salt Spring Island and it's been several years now since I invented it.

It shows you an inner play of colors and patterns rarely seen except for times when one is experiencing the heights of meditation, a rare artistic moment or when tripping with psychedelics.

Here however, I've invented a drug free method that touches upon all former 3 elements. The entertainment of the mind in such a state borders on a blissful reverie that children, teens, adults, grandparents and greatgrandparents can all enjoy. It's effortless and amazing!

Here you'll find the hidden aspect of mind few know about, since our conciousness normally throws itself out into the world of the 5 senses. That's often all people know, without knowing the mind itself.

With a demonstration of my kaleidoscope (the 8th Wonder Of The World), your mind's awareness is drawn where it ought to be but seldom goes ... e.i., within! It's artistic, meditative and psychedelic.

It's the friendly part of psychedelia that is innocent and beautiful, artistic and full of wonder that people have been led to be afraid of because they formerly always associated it with drug use. It dosn't have to be that way anymore. Thus on Salt Spring was born the 8th Wonder of the Universe! It's different every time you do it (even though most people prefer to see it once).

It shows you that a rare aspect never seen exists, in other words, a beautiful reality nobody ever gets to see, except unless they were an expert meditator, a gifted artist, or a psychedelic tripper who uses psychedelic drugs.

Thanks to my kaleidoscope, all you need is a light source, a desire to see beautiful things and the flexibility to try something new. Such a drug-free alternative can help people once hooked on drugs, allow the color-blind to see colors again and even allow certain blind people to see (with their mind).

It's helped people rid themselves of headaches, take the pain of a broken arm away, calmed others, stimulated awe and wonderment of the universe for some and often induces people to laugh, chuckle, utter words of amazement and be thankful they could have a glimpse of something they thought they'd never perceive in this lifetime!

One cognizes patterns, shapes, designs, colors, geometry, fractals, mandalas and the like. I'm honored to be its inventor and I freely give people demos of it so they can benefit. Persons with epilepsy shouldn't do it.

It is entertainment within the mind that is the ultimate entertainment!

Solar Meditation Bow Demonstration

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