Pitt Meadows Reunion 2006:
A Good Time Was Had By All!

Bill Nash here... On Saturday, October 7, we held our second Pitt Meadows reunion at the Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall and it was another smashing success!

Mel Bennett, Dori Keegan (United Way), Bill Nash

We raised several hundred dollars and donated it all to the United Way in honour of our classmates who have passed away over the years... Thanks again for your generosity! (:-))

Special thanks to Mel & Janet Bennett for hosting such a great party, ... to Shelley for doing all that last minute running around and working the door with Vickie, ...to Jim (Behind) Barz for donating his talents as a musician and photographer, ...to Brian (Pirie) Kirkwood for the photos and videos and for pitching in to do whatever was asked, to... Steve Robinson for the wonderful donation of the 1967-1968 Yearbook, ...and to everybody else who lent a hand (you know who you are)...

The Pitt Meadows Reunion Benefit featured classic rock songs by "The Pitt Meadows Reunion All-Stars":

Bill Nash
- vocals, percussion
Jim Barz
- keyboards, percussion
Randall Crow (Randall Crow Blues Band)
- guitar, vocals
Ron Berge (Randall Crow Blues Band)
- bass
Peter Church (Downchild Blues Band)
- harmonica, vocals
Gene Cordoni (Flashback)
- drums, vocals

Plus special guests:
Cindy Dodd - vocals
Steve Agasse - bass, vocals

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Gene Cordoni, Bill Nash

My Pitt Meadows Memories
by Bill Nash...

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Bill & Jim Nash (with Butch) Neaves Bridge, 1966

My Pitt Meadows Memories
by Monica Brown...

Grade Eight

Those Were The Days, My Friend!...

Jeff Carlson, Janice Cunningham, Gloria Hurlbert

Pitt Meadows Reunion Pics...

(courtesy of Brian (Pirie) Kirkwood & Jim "Behind" Barz)

Vickie Enge, Jim Nash, Brian Pirie, Rocky Banns, Linda Lambright

VIDEO: Brian (Pirie) Kirkwood Arrives At The Reunion

VIDEO: Brian (Pirie) Kirkwood with Ray Clarkson, Mike Hayes...

In Memorium

Michael Keith Hayes (April 15, 1952 - May 16, 2007)

Sandy Bamsey

Mona Bennett

Rick Tocher

Dave Flynn

Donny Tocher

Joe Buss

Brad Loveridge

Mona Loveridge

Janice Roseland

Harold Goetzen

Sandy Wocknitz

Dwayne Wocknitz

Charlie Karlstedt

Jerry Weistra

Pat Conroy

John Klingler

Gail Cusick

Bob McMyn

Billy Rogers

Harry Much

Cathy Davis

Mike Williamson

Anne Williamson

Don Keates

Gary Fredette

Linda Brogden

Carol Augustson

Debby Oakes

Eeva Huusko

Silvi Liva

Jeff Elliott

Doreen Bjornson

John White

Craig Buss
Dan Buss